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Travel and tours agents survival Keralites is an association founded in June 2021 with the sole purpose of supporting the survival of the travel industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. This industry generates 31.8 million jobs but did not receive any government aid for its survival and revival. Seven committed individuals created this association to help each other survive and grow during these difficult times.

Our association started as a small group of people who wanted to help each other navigate the travel industry’s confusing rules and regulations. We collated travel information from various countries and distributed it to small and medium travel agents
to keep them updated with the latest information. Today, we have grown to over 900 travel agents who support each other and work together to help their passengers have a hassle-free travel experience.

Our association now has over 250 paid members and eight office bearers who are working tirelessly towards the welfare of the 900+ travel fraternity. We are proud to say that we have kept our platform free from any toxic culture and have no agenda other than
helping each other selflessly.

Vision & Mission


To redefine the Kerala travel industry by bringing in participants who are passionate, honest, and service-oriented so that we can create a healthy and collaborative business environment that protects every stakeholder's interest equally

Grow Together

To create a collaborative and healthy business environment among the travel and tours fraternity in Kerala to help each other grow together and coordinate with every stakeholder in this industry, including government bodies, to get all relevant support needed for the resurrection of this industry.

Sustainable Travel

Our vision includes promoting environmentally friendly practices, supporting local communities, and encouraging responsible tourism among our members. We aim to educate travel agents and their clients about sustainable travel options, fostering a collective commitment to preserving our planet's natural and cultural heritage.

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